Blue Bramble Dreads


Would you like new dreads?
Your dreads a bit of a mess?
Would you like your dreads to be longer?
Have you got weak spots or loops in your dreads that need fixing?

We can sort this all out!

We make dreads from scratch with no wax, no products of any kind, just a comb and a crochet needle. Your dreads will look fantastic and tight from day one, no fuzzy sideshow bobs you get with just backcombing! And no horrid sticky mess that you get with hideous products such as wax!

We can make extensions using 100% human hair to look seamless with your natural hair giving you the length you've always wanted.

Have you got messy roots? We can sort this out so your roots look gorgeous again.

Weak spots? Damage from bad dread maintenance, such as elastic bands or flipping through the roots? Don't worry, this can be fixed so your dreads look and feel tight, strong and wonderful again!


Want gorgeous threads to go with your dreads? Visit Blue Bramble the clothing store!